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Health Care Newsletters

Complete entire layout design for multiple

16-page publications mailed to over 32,000 Network Health non-Medicare members. These quarterly publications are intended to educate

and entertain. They feature inspirational member stories, healthy tips, health care news and updates on services and programs.


Corporate Brochure

Designed this first-of-its-kind corporate brochure that helped launch Network Health’s introduction to the southeast market. After more than 30 years serving northeast Wisconsin, Network Health has expanded into the southeast market and used this powerful marketing piece as an introduction to prospective agents.


Created annual reports, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, fliers, email marketing, direct mail pieces and power point presentations throughout a variety of both internal and external communication.


Developed social media (animated), info-graphics, mobile response creative and web designs used throughout Network Health’s website and social media platforms.


Worked directly with creative service staffs, editorial, printing facilities, ad agencies, photographers, non-profit organizations, contract workers and fulfillment services.


Ensured consistency of brand, messaging, and contributed to the growing library of templates and guidelines for state-wide creative collaboration.


Written effective copy for array of marketing projects and initiatives and able to organize, prioritize and meet tight deadlines on a daily basis.

Prime Members Brochure


Values Brochure

2023 Gary Vossekuil

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